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We design and manufacture products to help you move heavy goods and rolling equipment in and around your workplace.

Custom-made trolleys and hand trucks

The most common products we make are custom trolleys (which have four wheels and a basket or platform) and custom hand trucks (which have two wheels with a small ledge). Our trolleys and hand trucks come in variety of types and vary greatly in size, material, and structural design with varying weight capacities. We also make custom attachments to allow towing of heavy trolleys and rolling equipment.

Materials handling equipment: Towing and pushing

As loads get heavier, they become less safe to move by hand. In these cases, we specify electric-powered Tugs and Trolley movers. A Tug is the safest known way for one person to move thousands of kilograms of equipment at a time, and enhances productivity and workflow by reducing the need for multiple staff to supervise or assist in the moving process. Furthermore, you don’t need a license to operate a Tug, and since the load is being towed from behind, the person always has maximum visibility during operation, preventing a serious collision or injury in the workplace. A Tug is also very manoeuvrable, at home in tight corridors or areas with heavy traffic, and because they’re electric, they are also quiet, allowing them to be used in hospitals and commercial areas at all times of the day. Tugs are used in a wide variety of applications, in a wide variety of industries. From delivering stock inside shopping centres, to moving heavy trolleys through tight hospital corridors, to moving very heavy equipment around factory floors, there will be a Tug that can help your staff move heavy loads safely.

Waste management equipment: Lifting and tipping

Most businesses will already have a process for waste disposal that involves the handling of wheelie bins and even larger skip bins too. A common application is when our customers need to collect multiple wheelie multiple bins and return them to one central point at a worksite so that they may be emptied into a larger skip bin before collection by a waste handling company. This is when our range of Bin Lifters, Bin Tippers and Strongarm Hoists comes into play, with their easy-to-use operation, your staff will benefit from having the strain and effort taken away from their routine and allow them to increase their work efficiency.

Much, much more…

Custom Engineered Solutions holds a strong relationship with major Australian manufacturers and suppliers including Electrodrive, Fallshaw Wheels & Castors and Liftmaster Materials Handling.

Our comprehensive range of Industrial hand trucks and trolleys include, but not limited to:

  • Industrial heavy duty hand trolleys and hand trucks

  • Container loading and unloading ramps

  • Plastic and steel drum handling equipment

  • Forklift, powered tug and jib attachments

  • Extra large dangerous goods cabinets

  • Lifting equipment and forklift attachments

  • Storage, racking and shelving equipment

  • Aluminium access ladders and platforms

  • Electric lifters and fork stackers

  • Two and three level trolleys

  • Janitor trolleys

  • Sheet and panel trolleys

  • Specific purpose trolleys

  • Laundry and linen trolley

  • Wire basket trolleys

  • Piano and furniture dollies

  • Load moving skates

  • Platform trolleys

  • Warehouse trolleys

  • Stainless steel (anti-corrosion) trolley

With an emphasis on customer service, we aim to produce a quality solution to your problems in a timely manner. The team at Custom Engineered Solutions look forward to helping you with your requirements.

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